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A system where Spaniards were granted land to protect natives in return for tribute or labor
He ventured into present day New Mexico from Mexico to create encomiendas. Some of his followers later founded Santa Fe.
Spaniards who came to the New World to find gold and gain land. Literally 'conquerors'.
Animals brought from Europe to the New World which greatly changes the lives of Native Americans, especially in the Great Plains
A crop from the New World which greatly increased the food supply in Europe.
Native Americans that lived in the North East of North America. They were comprised of five nations.
Native Americans in the South West of North America
A disease which was introduced to the New World by Europeans and led to the deaths of many Native Americans
Mixed raced children born from Spanish-Native Intermarriages
Companies comprised of investors who bought the rights to create plantations in the New World from the King.
A Conquistador responsible for the destruction of the Inca empire in South America
Native Americans in present day Mexico that were conquered by Hernando Cortés.
Spanish establishments, commonly with forts, which were used to convert Native Americans to Christianity.
He was funded by Spain and landed in the New World in 1492 and enslaved some of the natives.
Many people were enslaved in this continent and brought to the New World to work
This group was sent to invade England, but was defeated, allowing the English to get the opportunity to gain more influence in the New World
An attempt by England to establish a New World colony that failed, once due to colonists leaving with Sir Francis Drake and once due to the colonists disappearing.
He started the Protestant Reformation when he split from the Catholic Church over ideological differences, leading to the creation of several sects of Protestant Christians.
A novel by Sir Thomas Moore which talked about a 'perfect' society in the New World
This treaty split some of the territory in the New World between Portugal and Spain.

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