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VerboseMovieActual Quote
In the most basic of ways, my dearest love, I am unable to allot damnation.
I have euphoric feeling for the scent of gelatin-based fiery weaponry in the beginning of the day.
You are unable to manage the actual senario.
A young man's greatest comrade is his maternal figure.
Give a greeting to my miniature ally!
Are you currently speaking towards me?
A red flower that is not in full-bloom.
Lose it from your memory, Jake; this is the part of the city densely populated by Chinese people.
VerboseMovieActual Quote
Both of us will forever hold onto the capital of France.
I am currently as furious as the place of damnation, and I am not ever going to be alloted this nevermore!
My maternal figure forever spoke, 'Existence is similar to a rectangular-shaped container of sweets derived from the cocoa plant, you shall forever not know what you are to receive
The popular food product is comprised of mankind!
Sophisticated men, you are not allowed to cause a brawl within here! This happens to be the Room of Combat!
We are going to require a water vessel of a larger size.
I shall present the person with a suggestion that he will be unable to turn down.

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