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Can you name the The Jacksonian Age?

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Who is this age named after?(your freebie)
What did Jackson consider the most important thing he did?
Jackson's cabinet was fired because of what?
Who was VP and Jackson's desired successor?
What was one of Jackson's two main regrets?(about calhoun)
And the other regret?(only one other)
Calhoun was known as the _________?
Clay was known as the __________ ________?
________ was an outstanding speaker and challenged states rights and nullification.
________ / _________ Debates set the stage for civil war.(answer1 [space] answer2)
Jackson was opposed by several people who formed the party known as?
The _________ __________ was a supposed arrangement between Clay and Adams which prevented Jackson's election in '24.
Opposition to Jack referred to him as what because of his radical changes to the presidency?
What act during Jackson's presidency was sued to force native americans out of the south?
Rather than relying on his cabinet, Jackson valued the ideas of his ________ ________ more.
Jackson used the power of the _____ more than any preceeding president.
The veto of what bill was justified as states rights, but was more of a personal revenge veto?
What was the system of 'cleaning' house and replacing government positions wit your supporters?
Who proposed the compromise to the black tariff?
Jackson and _______ were engaged in Bank Wars after the veto of BUS re charter.

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