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I was born in this city home to the NHL StarsAlso home to a popular NFL franchise
The year I was born in coincides with this event: U.S. President Harry S. Truman relieves General Douglas MacArthur of his Far Eastern commands.'Catcher in the Rye' first published; 'Shot heard around the world'
I once played and recorded songs with this guitarist from Double TroubleHe also played with Bowie, Clapton and B.B. King
I did my undergraduate degree at SMU, which stands for _______The M is a denomination of Christianity
I did a year of graduate studies in this Big East schoolThe school which lost the NCAA men's basketball final in 2005 to UNC.
My drama studies at SMU included Shakespeare, Comedy, History, and this Olympic sportThink old time movies, especially a classic franchise involving a famous leading man.
The only time in Los Angeles that I ever performed material from this playwright was for a commercial for the country of JapanIt's ironic. Either about LA or me.
I have performed in many plays from this playwright, who wrote Crimes of the HeartAs well as Miss Firecracker and Am I Blue
One of my notable TV guest roles was on _______ as a holistic healer of the main character's zany neighbo(u)rA successful 90's sitcom involving group of friends.
questionanswerhints (spoiler-y)
My first big break in films was as a KKK leader in Alan Parker's __________It was in the 80's. A notable film with Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe.
My most recognizable role came in a comedy about a man caught in a nightmare of not being able to make progress in life. The name of the film is __________It stars a oscar nominated actor and the star of Four Weddings and a Funeral
The director of the above film did the audition reading with me.He's one of the stars of another huge 80's comedy with the lead actor of this film.
I was Happy Chapman in this film about a domestic cat.well, ____: the movie.
I was cast as Sandy Ryerson on this show about outcasts trying to live the dream.And frequently breaking into song.
I was on this tv show as Bob Bishop, the man with the golden touch. Literally.
You might remember me as Commissioner Hugo Jarry from David Milch's western tv show, _______The show was cancelled after the third season, prematurely in the eyes of almost everyone who watched it.
Remember, ________. Well, I was that character in a movie about identity and memory and reality vs. perceptionThe film was the breakout film for its director before his success with The Dark Knight.
My name is ______________I'm not really him. It's just the style of the quiz.

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