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Character: Walder ________A Song of Ice and Fire
________ Kafka (1883-1924)Author
'Guns, Germs, and Steel: The ________ of Human Societies' by Jared DiamondBook
'Charlie and the Chocolate ________' by Roald DahlChildren's Books
Its genre: Science ________Divergent
Actress who plays Aunt Petunia Dursley in the movies: ________ ShawHarry Potter
Stanley Tucci's Character: Caesar ________The Hunger Games
Protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus ________Literary Character
What is the name of the forest where Meriadoc and Peregrin meet Treebeard?Lord of the Rings
'The ________ in our Stars' by John GreenNovel
Collection of Short Stories: The Demigod ________Percy Jackson
'________ and Her Friends' by Irene FornésPlay
'________ at Midnight' by Samuel Taylor ColeridgePoem
Sonnet 29: When in disgrace with ________ and men's eyesShakespeare
'Artemis ________' by Eoin ColferYoung Adult

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