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Can you name the leaders killed by these people?

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Killer(s)VictimWhat and when
Prince Faisal bin Musa'idKing of Saudi Arabia, killed in 1975
John Wilkes BoothPresident of the USA, killed in 1865
Ramón MercaderRussian communist leader, killed 1940 in Mexico
Rigoberto López PérezPresident of Nicaragua, killed in 1956
Gavrilo PrincipHeir to the throne of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, killed in 1914. This killing was one of the reasons for the start of World War I
Kim Jae-KyuPresident of South Korea, killed in 1979
Yigal AmirPrime Minister of Israel, killed in 1995
James Earl Ray OR Loyd JowersAmerican human rights activist, killed in 1968
Nathuram GodseIndependence leader in India, killed in 1948
Norman 3X Buttler, Thomas 15X Johnson and Talmadge HayerAmerican Muslim leader, killed in 1965
Killer(s)VictimWhat and when
Khalid IslambouliEgyptian President, killed in 1981
Lee Harvey OswaldUS President, killed in 1963
Sirhan SirhanAmerican Senator and President candidate, killed in 1968
Charles J. GuiteauPresident of the USA, killed in 1881
Satwant Singh and Beant SinghPrime Minister of India, killed in 1984
Leon CzolgoszPresident of the USA, killed in 1901
Rafael Simón UrbinaPresident of Venezuela, killed in 1950
Zvezdan JovanovićPrime Minister of Serbia, killed in 2003
Khondaker Mostaq AhmadFather of the nation and president of Bangladesh, killed in 1975
Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah DevKing of Nepal, killed in 2001 with several family members

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