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What is the Capital of Côte d'Ivoire?Africa
Bhutan is called Druk ________ in its native language.Asia
Which river forms the border between Brazil and Uruguay?Border
What is the Capital of the Northwest Territories?Canada
Which Capital is not a city, but just a district that is recognised by the UN as the Country's 'main district'?Capital
Which Myanma City used to be called Rangoon?City
The ________ River, located entirely within China, is the longest river in Asia.Continent
What is the World's only 'Y' Country?Country
Shetlands island with a shouty name.Europe
The Flag of Kyrgyzstan depicts a sun containing three laths, which is what you can see on the top of the ceiling inside a ________, a traditional dwelling place.Flags
In southeastern Mexico and northern Belize and Guatemala you can find the ________ peninsula.North America
Which islands in Indonesian New Guinea, the 8th largest in Oceania, is also called Dolak? ________ Sudarso.Oceania
What is the most populous 'Y' Capital City?Population
Located in Peru, what is South America's tallest 'Y' Mountain?South America
The Federated States of Micronesia consist of the States Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and ________.State
The Sea between China and South Korea is called the ________ Sea.Topography
Old City in northern England, There's a new one in the US.United Kingdom
Which US National Park is also a dormant super volcano?United States
During World War II, in what Crimean city did the leaders of the Allied countries meet to discuss post-war Europe?World

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