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Do you know the answers to these questions, one from each Geography Subcategory, starting with 'V'?

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Cabo ________ is a Country named after a topographical feature in Senegal.Africa
This Asian Country used to be divided in North and South.Asia
Which European 'V' Capital City is located on the east bank of the Rhine river, which is its Country's border with Switzerland?Border
What is Canada's second largest Island?Canada
What is the Capital of Laos?Capital
This Russian City used to be called Stalingrad.City
What is the only 'V' Country in South America?Continent
What is Bolivia called in GuaranĂ­, one of its official languages?Country
What is the longest River in Europe?Europe
Italy's Flag consists of three ________ stripes in green, white and red.Flags
Country: St. ________ and the Grenadines.North America
What is the only 'V' Country in Oceania?Oceania
Located in Fiji, what is Oceania's most populous 'V' Island? ________ Levu.Population
What is the name of the 3rd largest city in Chile, one of the busiest seaports in western South America?South America
What is the name of the long and narrow Mexican state on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico?State
The ________ Massif is the tallest mountain in Antarctica.Topography
The British ________ Islands is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.United Kingdom
Which US State was a independent Country between 1777 and 1791?United States
What is the World's smallest Country?World

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