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What is the Currency of South Africa called?Africa
What was the name of the former Kingdom now known as the Okinawa Prefecture in Japan?Asia
Which long and narrow Sea makes up a natural border between North Africa and the Middle East in Asia?Border
What is the Capital of Saskatchewan?Canada
What is the Sporcle accepted Capital City of Palestine?Capital
Which South American City is called River of January when translated into English?City
Which large Country is located in both Europe and Asia?Continent
Taiwan's official name is the ________ of ChinaCountry
What is the longest 'R' River in Europe?Europe
Mozambique is the only country in the World to depict an Assault _______ (AK-47) on its Flag.Flags
What is the large Mountain Range in western Canada and United States called?North America
What is the name of Easter Island in its local language?Oceania
Which 'R' Country has the smallest population?Population
Most of northern South America is covered by the Amazon ________.South America
What is the smallest US State?State
Which Greek island, close to Turkey, used to be the home of the Colossus, an ancient wonder of the world?Topography
What is the only 'R' Ceremonial County of England?United Kingdom
What was the Capital of the attempted Country Confederate States in the US?United States
The belt of volcanoes starting in South East Asia, reaching up to Alaska and back down to South America is known as the ________ of FireWorld

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