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On August 30, 1993, The Late Show premiered with this guest, who spray painted 'Dave!' on Letterman's desk
On March 31, 1994, this pop star appeared, smoked a cigar and cursed 13 times
During a week of taped shows in Los Angeles, this other late night star made a surprise appearance
She gave Letterman a 'impromptu birthday present' when she got up on his desk, danced and flashed her breasts
She appeared on June 5, 1997 to promote a Playboy Pay-Per-View special and appeared disoriented and incoherent
When Letterman returned from heart surgery, this band performed his favorite song, 'Everlong'
On the first show after 9/11, he was the first guest
This musician was featured as the only guest on October 30, 2002, discussing his diagnosis of peritoneal mesothelioma
On November 4, 2003, Letterman announced that 'last night at 11:58,' Dave became this
On March 29, 2004, this singer made her first network television appearance following her Superbowl Halftime controversy
On December 1, 2005, this woman made her first appearance on Letterman's show in over 16 years. After her appearance, Dave escorted her to the opening of 'The Color Purple'
This Republican presidential candidate cancelled his appearance, then later appeared, saying 'I screwed up'
This actor made a strange appearance (perhaps a hoax) on February 11, 2009, leading Letterman to say 'I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight'
Letterman walked off the stage after this actor nearly kicked him in the face in 1987
Which exercise guru did Letterman chase with a fire extinguisher on multiple occasions?
This band appeared every day the week of March 2, 2009
His appearance marked the first time a sitting President ever appeared on the Late Show
Who sings 'Baby Please Come Home' at Christmastime?
He will be Letterman's replacement
His wife's first name
His son's name
His mother's name, who once covered the Olympics for the show
The Ed Sullivan theater is allegedly kept at this temperature (Fahrenheit)
The bandleader
This guest has the most appearances with 150
This sportscaster has appeared 126 times
This animal wrangler has appeared 102 times
During this sketch, Letterman presents a series of actual news items, advertisements and police blotter excerpts
During this sketch, animals come on and perform
An item is dropped into a tank of water in this sketch
The Top Ten List came from the Home Office where?
The Late Show announcer
He is the owner of the Hello Deli
Name one of the Bangladesh natives who worked at the nearby souvenir shop
Calvert DeForest may be better known as this

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