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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Black Swan plot spoiler ladder?

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✦ Singer Simone, or Columbus ship ✦
Three squared
An overdue charge or penalty
Pectoral and dorsal
Team enthusiasts
Musician ____ Domino
What kittens grow into
✦ Slices, severs ✦
Primitive dwellings or pizza places
Attila's horde
Roosters' conquests
✦ His & ___ ✦
Group of cattle
Grasped, supported
Opposite of heaven
To vend
✦ One's entity, person ✦
Peasant in feudal system
To hang ten
Surface of earth, or territory
To go right or left
Seabird once thought to be a gull
Between a child and an adult
Viewed, watched
Mr. Connery or Bean
✦ Beautiful, graceful bird ✦
To smack at an insect
Chair or other resting place
Caspian, Dead and Red
He ___ you when you're sleeping
Belonging to actress Ms. Wallace
✦ Expires from life ✦

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