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On which two continents are elephants found in the wild?Geography
Which movie, released in 1941, was Disney's 4th animated feature?Movies
What word, meaning 'thick-skinned' is a classification for elephants, rhinos, etc.Science
'Elephunk' was the 3rd studio album by which music group?Music
What is the 4-letter term for the elongated outward incisor of this animal?Miscellaneous
The 12th of which month has been designated World Elephant Day?Holiday
Which animated elephant has a TV show based on de Brunhoff's books?Television
Which ancient commander brought war elephants over the Alps during the Second Punic WarHistory
Ellie the Elephant is featured alongside which Nintendo gorilla in his 3rd 'Country' video game?Gaming
Which elephant-headed Hindu deity is associated with arts, sciences and prosperity? Religion
Which color is paired with elephant in a phrase meaning burdensome possession or gift?Language
Hathi, an Indian elephant, is a character from The Jungle Book by which author?Literature
Which southern U.S. university sports team has an elephant as a mascot?Sports
PETA accused which famous 'R'-initialled circus of abusing elephants?Entertainment
Fill in the blank: Elephants never ______Just For Fun

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