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Which actress won an Oscar for her work in Black Swan?Movies
The Public Garden in which eastcoast U.S. city has Swan BoatsGeography
'Swans Reflecting Elephants' is a painting by which Spanish artist?Miscellaneous
Alex Borstein played Ms. Swan on which sketch comedy show?Television
What is the term for a female swan?Language
'The Swan' by Camille Saint-Saens features a solo for which stringed instrument?Music
Wide Receiver and 4 time Super Bowl champ Lynn Swann played for which NFL team?Sports
What 'M' term describes Tundra Swans searching out warmer weather each winter?Science
Which much-married Tudor king ate roasted swan?History
While geese are a-laying, what are swans doing in The 12 Days of Christmas?Holiday
Swan Games offers an internet club for which card game (even if you don't have a partner)?Gaming
Who composed the music for the ballet Swan Lake?Entertainment
Which god disguised himself as a swan during his conquest of Leda, Queen of Sparta?Religion
The Trumpet of the Swan is by which children's author?Literature
Fill in the blank: The ____ duckling became a beautiful swanJust For Fun

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