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Ancients believed which Egyptian ruler used an asp or cobra bite to induce her death?History
Which 1998 MLB expansion team is named after a type of snake?Sports
Which actor really 'had it with these m**** snakes on this m**** plane!' ?Movies
What are 2 of the 4 U.S states through which the Snake River flows?Geography
'Here I Go Again' is a #1 80s hit by which band?Music
The etymology of which snake is traced back to a mythical serpent near Delphi slain by Apollo?Language
Which Rowan Atkinson historical comedy's title character is named after a dark serpent?Television
March 17th celebrates St. Patrick who some claim banished snakes from which country?Holiday
Rolling dice with the result being one pip up on each die is called what?Miscellaneous
Kingsnakes (nonvenomous) are often confused with the patterning of which poisonous snake?Science
What is paired with snakes in a children's game originating from ancient India?Gaming
Which Norse god defeats the Midgard Serpent during Ragnarök but then dies from its venom?Religion
Which Hogwart's house has a serpent as its mascot?Literature
King Snake is the DC comic father of which Batman villain?Entertainment
Fill in the blank: A sneaky person is a 'snake in the _____'Just For Fun

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