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Which band included songs about pigs (and sheep and dogs) on their 1977 album 'Animals' ?Music
In which country would you find the Bay of Pigs?Geography
Which creatures slingshot themselves at pigs and their structures in a popular app game?Gaming
Who voiced/played Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show starting in 1976? Television
Where did the first little piggy go (while the next stayed home)?Miscellaneous
What is the H1N1 virus better known as?Science
Because it's not Ḥalāl (permissable), which religion objects to eating pork?Religion
Which film features the line 'That'll do pig, that'll do.' ?Movies
What game is being referenced when talk about a 'pigskin' occurs?Sports
Which German Chancellor imposed economic austerity on the PIIGS nations?History
What was one of the two failing materials in the Three Little Pigs' housesEntertainment
What expression means spending government funds to win votes/bring money to a district?Language
Which novel has both a boy called Piggy and a pig's head on a stick?Literature
Schweinebraten (with beer) is a popular food during which Fall German fest?Holiday
Fill in the blank: Don't cast _____ before swine.Just For Fun

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