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Can you complete this 4-letter word ladder about Ariel's inventory?

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✵TV show: ____ the Boss?✵
Romances, seduces
Opposite of cheering sounds
Ro-, Auto- and Femme-
Small pieces
✵Reclines to a chair✵
Lays out (eg dishes on a table)
Caspian, Red, North & Dead
A place to sit
Mammary milk dispenser
This or ____
✵One of a writer's 5 Ws✵
To induce, excite an appetite, thirst
At what time?
Back at that point in time
Between child and adult
Nashville's state (abbr)
Bills between fives and twenties
Cans for tuna, sardines, etc.
'Flipping your ___ you don't get too far'
If the shoe does this: wear it
Moves along very quickly
Place where Chapstick is applied
Completed running/swimming lengths
Mind these in the metro (subway)
Slang for girls, ladies
✵Type of bile-storing bladder✵
Shopping Center
Having XY chromosomes
Female adult horse
Not less
✵Traditions, beliefs, folk___✵

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