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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder about film villain Buffalo Bill?

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Gentle golf stroke on the green
Type of kick in football
With 'up' constricted, contained (like anger)
Decaying organic material in bogs, mires
Suckled by baby mammals
Pronoun indicating person or thing
The melting of ice, snow
With 'rick,' a cart pulled by a person
Something bogus, false or pillow cover
Place where fabrics are sewn together
Arctic mammal
To vend
What you ring-a-ding-ding
Type of weevil
Deeper dish for cereal
Leans forward in servitude
Opposite of highs
'West Wing' actor Rob
To be defeated in a game
Sorry for your ____
Not more
People born between Cancers & Virgos
'Professional' movie with Jean Reno
Thin, trim
Mr. Connery
Kyrgyz- or Afghani-
Type of immobility-producing gun
To avoid out of dislike
To close a door or window
A gun's firing or gulp of liquor
Residue in a chimney
Approaching in the very near future
Nickname for masked mammals
Yale's state (abbr)
Opposite of pros
Positive or Negative atoms/molecules
Olden hotels
Landers, Margret and Arbor
No ifs, ____ or buts
Owner of Woody in Toy Story
Car race or Harrison Ford character
Paired with China, an Asian peninsula
____ the Woods (musical)
Incan Sun God
Prefix meaning against, opposed to
Insects of carpenter or army variety
Tree-like creatures in LOTR
Consumes, dines
Winged mammals
Large-mouth or rainbow fish
Catholic service
What people sit on during yoga
Groening or Damon
Presidential candidate Romney
Car in Knight Rider

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