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Which English king was known as 'the Lionheart'?History
What other killer lion was depicted with 'the Ghost' in a 1996 thriller film?Movies
The flag of which Asian country has a lion holding a sword?Geography
'Iron Lion Zion' is a song by which legendary musician?Music
Sounding like another big cat, what is the Genus of lions?Science
In the Lion King video game, which nefarious uncle must be defeated?Gaming
Which House (family) has a lion as its sigil in Game of Thrones?Television
What adjective is used to the describe the Lion in the Wizard of Oz?Language
Which culture performs costumed lion dances during the Moon (Mid-Autumn) Festival?Holiday
The majority of the Zodiac sign Leo falls in what month? Miscellaneous
The NFL Lions calls which city their home?Sports
Which author created the character Aslan?Literature
Who was thrown into the lion's den but came out alive in a Biblical story?Religion
Which circus performer is sometimes depicted with a whip and/or a stool?Entertainment
Fill in the blank: The lion is the king of the _______Just For Fun

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