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In which Class (taxonomy) do foxes belong?Science
The Fennec Fox is the national animal of which northern African country?Geography
What alliterative indie folk band formed in Seattle in 2006?Music
Which WWII Field Marshal was known as 'The Desert Fox' ?History
Which title creature is paired with Fox in a 1981 Disney movie?Movies
What 7-letter word (Latin origin) means relating to/similar to foxes ?Language
Which 'L' city in the UK has a Football Club nicknamed 'The Foxes' ?Sports
Who wrote the children's book 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox' ?Literature
Which country began domesticating foxes through breeding projects begun in 1959?Miscellaneous
What 'S' word is in the Fox-titled name of a Nintendo game franchise?Gaming
In which Japanese religion is Kitsune (fox spirit) sent by Inari to help people?Religion
What word (meaning female fox) appears in an opera and ballet titled 'The Cunning Little ______?'Entertainment
Halloween fox costumes surged in 2013 because of which group's song 'What does the Fox Say?'Holiday
Michael J. Fox played Alex P. Keaton in which 1980s TV show?Television
Fill in the blank: The _____ brown fox jumps over the lazy dogJust for Fun

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