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In a popular Three Dog Night song, who was 'a bullfrog' and 'a good friend of mine' ?Music
Which Italian scientist made bioelectricity experiments by causing dead frog legs to twitch?Science
Dig'em Frog is the mascot for which Kellogg's breakfast cereal?Miscellaneous
An episode of which show has George, with a Frogger arcade game, trying to cross the road?Television
A frog's Order: Anura, comes from Greek for 'without' what appendage?Language
Frog Festival, in Rayne LA, was first held the weekend after which September holiday?Holiday
What kind of frog is in the name of Texas Christian University teams?Sports
Who is paired with a frog in a 2009 New Orleans-based Disney film?Movies
Who wrote 'The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County' ?Literature
Haven Troopers, or FROGS, are elite female soldiers in what Konami video game?Gaming
In which Bible book do you find the first accounts of plagues, such as frogs, inflicted upon Egypt?Religion
Kermit sang 'It's not easy being...' what?Entertainment
Aristophanes' play 'The Frogs' names Alcibiades and was performed while which war was occurring?History
The Cape River Frog was named after which South African cape?Geography
Fill in the blank: Feeling vocally impaired or sick is having a frog in your _____Just For Fun

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