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15-30-40 is scoring that occurs in which sport?Sports
15° N latitude, 15° E longitude is 200 miles north of N'Djamena in which nation?Geography
Oceanic Flight 815 figures prominently in which series?Television
February 15, anniversary of adopting the maple leaf, is what country's Flag Day?Holiday
In which Shakespeare play is the title character told to beware the Ides of March?Literature
Opus 15 is a set of nocturnes by which Polish composer?Music
In 2002, what became the 15th U.S. Cabinet Department largely in response to 911History
What is clearly the traditional 15th anniversary present?Miscellaneous
For her work in Doubt (2008), which actress earned her 15th Oscar nomination?Movies
4 Fives and a certain Jack make 8 different '15' pairs in what card game's best possible hand?Gaming
Quinceañera, a 15th birthday celebration for a girl is taken from what language?Language
What's 1 of 3 popes who have had XV after their names?Religion
The striped 15 billiard ball's color most closely matches which solid ball's color?Entertainment
What nonmetallic element has the atomic number 15?Science
Fill in the blank: Andy Warhol is credited with saying everyone will have 15 minutes of ____Just For Fun

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