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Which naturalist/artist depicted the now extinct Labrador Duck in his Birds of America book?History
Which gaming system released a play gun, or Zapper, for its game Duck Hunt?Gaming
Which monotreme is often described as 'duck-billed' ?Science
In Batman Returns, which villain rides around in a giant rubber ducky?Movies
Along with chicks, duckling sales go up during which spring holiday?Holiday
Which woodwind represents the Duck in 'Peter and the Wolf' ?Music
Which Asian city is famous for a crisp duck dish often eaten with scallion and pancakes?Geography
The Robertsons (Phil, Si, Jase, Willie and Jep) are the bearded regulars on which series?Television
What other bird is paired with duck in a children's chasing game?Miscellaneous
In which novel does Holden wonder where the ducks go every winter?Literature
In a myth, Iktomi, a trickster spirit of which Great Plains native peoples, outsmarts ducks?Religion
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried once voiced the duck for which Insurance company?Entertainment
What French 'C'-word is a dish of duck leg salt-cured and slowly cooked?Language
Which city's NHL team's 1st nickname was based on the film The Mighty Ducks?Sports
Fill in the blank: 'Like _____ off a duck's back'Just For Fun

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