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Which detective goes looking for the kidnapped dolphin Snowflake in a 1994 comedy?Movies
Lacking an olfactory nerve and lobe, which sense is believed to be lacking in dolphins?Science
Dolphins are sacred animals of which Greek god of light, truth and music?Religion
What 1960s series (and title dolphin) was dubbed 'the aquatic lassie' ?Television
Dolphins are different from which relatives who have a shorter beak?Miscellaneous
A Byrds' song is titled after what supposed expression/feature of a Dolphin?Music
Bangladesh's national mammal is a dolphin of which river?Geography
What are the two official colors of the Miami Dolphins?Sports
On the 4th of July, fireworks can be seen from Dolphin Point in which San Diego theme park?Holiday
Dolphin, a DC heroine, helps which superhero back to Atlantis after he loses his hand?Entertainment
What is the title dolphin's name in a Sega (and later Nintendo) video game?Gaming
Which title (French for dolphin) was given to the heir apparent to the throne of France?History
The word dolphin is related to δελφύς (dolphus) meaning 'womb' in which language? Language
In a Douglas Adams novel title, what do dolphins give thanks for when they say 'So long...' ?Literature
Unscramble this dolphin-related word: TLOOSEBENTJust For Fun

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