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What is the only continent not having a bee population?Geography
Flight of the Bumblebee was fittingly the TV theme song for what hero?Television
What's the 6-letter term for the place a beekeeper has his insects?Language
Because Utah is the Beehive state, what city has a AAA Bee baseball team? Sports
What word comes before 'Collapse Disorder' in an eerie bee phenomenon?Miscellaneous
20 years after the Galápagos expedition, which naturalist studied 'humble' bees?History
Always wearing a coat that made him look like a bee, Gordon Sumner adopted what stage name?Music
Which culture buried honey in tombs to be with Phaorahs in the afterlife?Religion
What type of bee 'life' is in the title of a Sue Monk Kidd novel?Literature
'Queen Bees and Wannabes' inspired Tina Fey to write what film?Movies
Which body section comes between the head and abdomen of a bee?Science
In which video game can you, as Jack, shoot bees at Big Daddy?Gaming
'Bee Mine' is found on many cards & candies during which special day?Holiday
What type of 'bee' is in the musical 'The 25th Annual Putnam...'Entertainment
Fill in the blank: Something great (in 1920s slang) is the bee's _____Just For Fun

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