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Who has friends named Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore and a taste for honey?Entertainment
Which U.S. state's flag has a star, the word 'Republic' and a bear?Geography
Around Christmas, which company has ads of polar bears and penguins drinking their product?Holiday
Eli Roth gets the nickname 'Bear Jew' in which film?Movies
Though sometimes nocturnal, what word refers to bears being active during the day?Science
The NBA's Memphis Grizzlies moved from which Canadian city in 2001?Sports
What was the name of the title 'Gentle' bear in a 1960s CBS show?Television
The teddy bear was named after which U.S. president?History
In one finishing move, Sub-Zero transforms into a mauling polar bear in what video game?Gaming
Which Classical Austrian composer's Symphony no. 82 is nicknamed 'The Bear'Music
Which children book bears share the name of their Stan and Jan creators' surname?Literature
Which king's warriors are compared to a 'bear robbed of her cubs' in 2 Samuel 17:8?Religion
What creature is the opposite of bear when referencing rising economic markets?Miscellaneous
What 6-letter adjective (of Latin origin) means related to/similar to bears?Language
Fill in the blank: Smokey Bear says 'Only you can _______ wild fires.'Just For Fun

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