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Can you add a letter to these negative sounding 4-letter words to make more positively defined 5-letter words?

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To mistreat, abuse or injureAn allure that delights, captivates as if by magic
To inhale suddenly out of panic or horrorA firm hold, or deep comprehension of something
To end a creature's lifeAn expertise in doing something well
To stain, dirty, or defile morallyA valuable, desirable thing a victor claims after war
Corrosion and decay of metalConfidence placed in another's reliability, honesty
Physical discomfort or sufferingDecorative, liquid color applied to a surface
To cry with extreme intensityTo win something completely (a sports series, etc)
Uncontrollable, often violent angerWord denoting immense ability by an actor across multiple genres/performing styles
Feeling nauseousSomething smooth, effortless or cool in nature or style
Deceives or tricks someone into doing/believing somethingWaffle or sugar-style ice cream holders
A prolonged agony perhaps of the heart or toothA hidden collection of money or other valuables
Violent conflicts between groups or nationsHeats or brings about affection in one's heart
To completely demolish, level, destroy a siteA trend/fad that is embraced with widespread enthusiasm
A tirade, diatribe complaining about somethingMoney given to aid (often) artistic, or scholarly endeavors
Expires from lifeEats at an elegant restaurant
A raw or painful place on the bodyTo win a point(s) in a sporting event
Gruesome, like a scene of bloodshed, violenceMagnificence, high renown or honor
Delivers false statements to in order to deceiveEnjoys/appreciates, or Facebook shows of approval
A small arachnid that often sucks blood from animalsA delightful, wonder-inspiring act by a magician
Cruel, unkind like a bullyEnough money to be financially stable, wealthy

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