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Can you name the 4-letter answers that fit each clue in American History A-Z?

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Clue4 LettersLetter
The Second Amendment concerns the right to keep and bear theseA
Predominant color of the Union army uniformB
The 'Great Compromiser' in the 19th Century was Speaker of the House and Secretary of StateC
Crucial invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 during WWIID
Large scale film-making style/genre made famous by D.W. Griffith up through George Lucas and beyondE
By adopting assembly line and mass production techniques, he became a worldwide icon of industryF
A rush for this helped expand the west and draw people to CaliforniaG
Nickname of one of Samuel Clemens' most famous literary creationsH
A controversial war here lasted almost a decadeI
Armstong, Miles, and others made this a uniquely American musical styleJ
Noted Civil Rights leader who had a dreamK
One of the three inalienable rights the Declaration of Independence assures citizensL
What 'pluribus' stands for in E Pluribus Unum on the Seal of the United StatesM
Clue4 LettersLetter
American Armed Forces service branch that is larger than the next 13 of its kind in the world combinedN
'Mother of Presidents' state that has produced 7 presidentsO
The Bay of this was an unsuccesful attempt to invade CubaP
Norman Vincent Peale's motivational quote: 'It's always too early to ____.'Q
Woman credited with making the first American flagR
The 50th one, representing Hawaii, was added to the flag under Eisenhower S
Heaviest President, he also served as Chief JusticeT
45th state admitted to the union as well as one of the beaches in Normandy attackU
Two-thirds majority of Congress is needed to override this Presidential rejection of a billV
Roe v. _____: a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme CourtW
Amendment (in Roman numerals) that set the term limit for the PresidentX
Though the British were mostly able to strangle New ___ in the Revolutionary War, they got their comeuppance at the Battle of _____townY
This time demarcation was introduced to help with railway departures and arrivalsZ

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