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Can you complete the 7-letter (Generation 1) Pokémon word ladder?

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4 Letter Word Ladder
'Hi, I'm Ash and this is my buddy, ...' (first 4 letters) 
Round flat pocket bread 
British prime minister of Elder and Younger varieties 
Baseball catcher's garment 
Dull, not glossy 
Germinated grain used in brewing or distilling 
To cast or shed feathers, fur or skin 
Electric Eeveelution (first 4 letters) 
3 Letter Word Ladder
'Hi, I'm Ash and this is my buddy, ...' (last 3 letters) 
A stone heap or platform used by the Polynesians as a marker or memorial 
Babylonian god of the sky 
Middle English word for home, homeland; earth 
Sea eagle 
Electric Eeveelution (last 3 letters) 

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