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Who is the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe?
Who is the Commander of US Forces in the Pacific?
Which theater of war did the Allies agree to win first? (Europe or (Pacific
Why did the Allies agree to win in #3 first
75,000 American soldiers forced to march by the Japanese in the Philippines; many would die of exhaustion
Name of Hitlers invasion of USSR
Turning point battle on the Eastern Front for the allies
Reasons Hitler wanted to take #7
Where did US Soldiers first enter the fighting in the European Theater?
Where did the Allies jump into after winning at #9?
Invasion of France launched by the Allies June 6, 1944
Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha and Utah beaches can be found in this region
#11 impact on Germany
Last offensive launched by Nazi Germany
In which country did #13 take place
Aerial bombing campaign which targets specific military targets; favored by US
Aerial bombing campaign which has no specific targets, commonly called 'carpet bombing'
Where did the US first defeat the Japanese in the Pacific
What was the turning point battle in the Pacific for the US
Even though the US was outnumbered at #18, what made it possible for them to win
#18 was the first naval battle to be fought by this technology
US strategy for victory in the Pacific
Which two Pacific islands were most important to the US strategy?
Why were #22 important to US?
Japanese suicide pilots
Secret US program to develop the atomic bomb
Scientist who lead the effort to develop the atomic bomb
Secret facility in Tennessee which developed uranium for the atomic bomb
Who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan?
Why did #29 make that decision?
Which Japanese city was hit 1st by the atomic bomb
Name of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan
May 8, 1945 is (V-E Day, (V-J Day, (Fat Man Dropped)
Sept. 2, 1945 is (V-E Day, (V-J Day, (Little Boy Dropped
Japan was forced to sign the surrender papers aboard this ship
Prior to WWII's end the Big 3 meet in this Russian city to discuss the plan for post-war Europe
Who were the leaders present at #36
Which international organization was first outline at #36
What did the leaders of #36 propose to do with liberated countries in E. Europe
How many zones was Germany going to be split into following end of war
Where did the Big 3 meet following Germany's surrender to finalize plans for post war Europe?
Who were the 2 new leaders at #41?
What did Stalin do at Potsdam that started the Cold War?
Who is the father of the United Nations?
How many countries make up the UN Security Council
What power does the UN Security Council have?
What was WWII's effect on the US economy?
What famous poster encouraged women to join the labor force during WWII?
What was the impact of Executive Order 9981 on the US military?
The Double V campaign appealed to which group of Americans
Nazi laws designed to racially separate Jews from German society
Nov. 9-10, 1938, known as the night of broken glass, state sponsored terror against Jews in Germany and Austria
Jews were deported from Germany to live here during the Stage 2 of the Holocaust (Warsaw was the biggest)
At the Wanssee Conference Nazi's developed this plan to exterminate the Jewish in German controlled land - 'answer to the Jewish Question...'
Prosecution by American lawyers of Nazi War criminals following the end of WWII

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