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Name one cause of WWI
WWI was fought in __________
Trench warfare result in a defensive ___________
Most of the fight in WWI occurred on which front?
Which country led the arms race prior to WWI?
Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy made up which alliance
France, Great Britain and Russia made up which alliance
Which -ism did the United States adopt at the outbreak of WWI
This -ism means to work for a lasting peace to end the fighting
The -ism that called for Americans who wanted the U.S. to enter the war and fight with the Allied Powers
American feelings turned against the Central Powers following the invasion of this neutral country
German's used these to blockade Great Britain and attack merchant ships in the North Atlantic
British ocean liner which was sunk by German submarines of the coast of Ireland
After sinking the Sussex the Germans promised to stop unrestricted submarine warfare in the Atlantic with this;
Telegram sent from Germany to Mexico urging Mexico to invade the U.S. if they would ever declare war on Germany
What action did the U.S. take once they received the Zimmerman Note?
Increased the size of the U.S. military through a draft lottery
Those who refused to accept being drafted into the military because of their religious beliefs
President Wilson commissioned this organization to produce posters, pamphlets and newsreels to inform Americans about WWI
Who led the Committee on Public Information/CPI
This act made it illegal to question the military, refuse induction into the military or support the enemy
This act made it illegal to question the U.S. government and its policies during WWI
What was the verdict in the Schenk v. United States case
Merchant ships escorted by a group of naval ships is an example of __________ system
Considered the turning point battle of WWI, turned back the German offensive outside of Paris
The last major battle of the WWI, after their defeat the Germans asked for a cease fire (armistice)
U.S. soldier from Tennessee who won the Congressional Medal of Honor following his heroic actions in the Argonne Forest
Slang term which referred to American soldiers
What does the AEF stand for?
Date the armistice was signed and fighting of WWI ended
Wilson's plan to create a lasting peace in Europe
Wilson slogan to promote his peace plan
A nations right to choose their own government and direction of their country
Where did the peace negotiations take place following WWI
Name of the Treaty that ended WWI
Who was forced to take the blame for WWI
War debts charged to repay the Allied Powers (GB and FRA) for war damages
Wilson's 14th point
True/False: The United States rejected the Treaty of Versailles because it included the League of Nations
WWI began following the assassination of this person
Bosnian rebels organized an assassination attempt because they wanted to be closer to which country
Name a new technology developed for WWI
Area located between trenches
What was the best reason why the U.S. remained neutral at the beginning of WWI
Who lead the American Expeditionary Force into battle in Europe

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