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Growing American fear of communism following WWI
Epidemic which started in the United States and spread world wide killing some 30-50 million
Raids organized to capture and deport would be radicals
Italian immigrants who were tried, convicted and executed for a crime many believe they didn't commit
Industry that 'drove' the 1920's
American Industrialist who perfected the assembly line using scientific management
Buying goods using a small down payment and paying the rest off over time
Buying stocks for only 10% of the stock price, pay the remaining 90% later
Migration of African Americans from the South to the North in search of factory jobs
What happened to the price of the automobile as a result of the assembly line?
1920's stock market: Bull or Bear?
Warren G. Harding's campaign slogan during the 1920 election
President who said, 'the business of America is business'
Navy oil fields which were illegally lease to private oil companies by Sec. of the Interior Albert Fall
What was the issue involved in the Scopes Monkey Trial
Where did the Scopes Monkey Trial take place
Who was the prosecuting attorney in the Scopes Monkey Trial
In order to limit immigration of suspected communists and radicals the US created the ______________ system
Plan where the US loaned $$$ to Germany to pay its reparations
The period of time when alcohol was outlawed
The amendment which made Prohibition legal
The amendment which repealed Prohibition
Made and distributed illegal alcohol
Secret illegal drinking establishments
Notorious gangster who made millions as a bootlegger
Sports Heroes of the 1920s
First to fly solo from New York to Paris
Which actor starred in the first 'talkies' - Chaplin or Jolson
Young liberated women who wore short hair and short dresses
The 1920's was defined by this type of music
Popular dance of the 1920's
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway were part of the ____________ Generation
F. Scott Fitzgerald's book which depicted the disillusionment of the Americans during the 1920s
Home of the African cultural renaissance of the 1920s
Preached separation of Af. Americans and whites, 'back to Africa' movement
Famous Af. American poet, wrote, 'The Negro Speaks of Rivers'
Political party which controlled the Presidency during the 1920s
Winner of the 1928 election
One cause of the economic downturn in 1929
When investors were forced to pay their margin debt
New consumer goods of the 1920's

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