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Industry that impacted the Industrial Revolution the most
Controlling all aspects of production
Controlling one level of integration
Which industrialist used vertical integration to achieve monopoly
Which industrialist used horizontal integration to achieve monopoly
Industrial region of the U.S. including New York, Boston, Philadelphia
Industrial region of the U.S. including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago
A corporation made up of small corporations
John D. Rockefeller's trust
Act of Congress to break up trusts
Those who moved from farms to cities to find work and enjoy city advantages
Labor union which limited membership only to skilled workers
Leader of #12
Labor union which included all skilled and unskilled workers
Leader of #14
Labor leader who was arrested for supporting socialist views
Labor strike at Carnegies' Homestead Factory
March of laborers in Chicago that turned into a riot
Why were the laborers marching in #18
What action made #18 'explode' into a riot?
Name a cause of the Industrial Revolution
Name a natural resource needed during the Industrial Revolution
Capitalists who are ruthless and achieve success through the misery of others
Capitalists who work to improve society and benefit the people
Complete control of one industry
Workers refusing to work
Workers who were not allowed to work in an industry
Ability of workers to negotiate their working conditions with management
Working environments where workers are required to join the union
Working environments where workers do not have to join a union
Steel magnate, vertical integration, sold out to J.P. Morgan who created US Steel
Shipping tycoon, known as the 'railroad baron', founded Vanderbilt University
Invented the railroad airbrake, funded AC/DC electrical currents and central power grids
Inventor of the telephone
Monopolized oil refining, horizontal integration, created the Standard Oil Trust
Invented the refrigerated rail car
Invented the sleeping rail car
Developed techniques to drill for oil, first well in 1858
Banking tycoon, involved in many industries, created the US Steel Trust
Created a new steel making process using the blast furnace
Developed the telegraph and coded used to deliver messages
Invented the mechanical reaper
Developed barbed wire
Developed the steel plow
Invented dynamite
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