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Type of economy which is designed to take out resources from colonies for parent country's use
Goal of American economy
He wrote this book stating that the US must develop a modern navy to be an imperial power
War which gave the US an empire
Which county revolted against Spanish rule to help start the Spanish-American Was
News paper stories which sensationalized stories to grab readers attention
Battleship which exploded in Havana harbor, was blamed on a Spanish mine
Three islands that the US gained as a result of the Treaty of Paris
Country that was carved up in exclusive trading zones by European empires
Exclusive trading zones held by European powers
Rebellion by Chinese against European powers
Following the Boxer Rebellion, China was opened to trade with this note
Who wrote the open door note?
Cavalry regiment led by Theodore Roosevelt and charged up San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War
Filipino insurgent who also helped the US during the Spanish-American war
President who used 'big stick' diplomacy
President who used dollar diplomacy
President who used moral diplomacy
Country purchased by William Seward, considered to be a mistake - Seward's Folly
Commodore Matthew Perry opened this country to trade in 1853 using gunboat diplomacy
American planters overthrew Queen Liliukalani and convinced Pres. McKinley to annex the islands to the US
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