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This event was the spark of the Great Depression.
What was the date #1 occurred?
What was the nickname of #1
Stock prices fell when investors ___________ their stocks
Series of economic expansion and contraction
Which time period represents the expansion phase of #5?
Which time period represents the recovery period of #5?
Following the stock market crash, people ran to the banks to withdrawal their money. What is this called?
US tariff which raised import tariffs. Europe did the same. This caused the depression to go 'worldwide'
Shantytowns of unemployed and homeless city dwellers
Charitable handouts of food like bread and soup
Over farming, long droughts and high winds characterize this region of the southern Plains
Name the 5 states that make up the Dust Bowl
Migrants who left #12 in search of work in cities; many moved to California
John Steinbeck wrote this book about the Joad family which describes the lives and hardships of #14
Photographer who documented the Great Depression; most famous picture in the Migrant Mother
Hoover's campaign speech from the 1928 election which described his outlook why America was great
Hoover's policy to encourage local charities to help out the unemployed and poor during the early days of the depression
Hoover plan to stimulate the economy by investing in banks in hopes that it would eventually reach the people
Government program which lent federal money to banks and businesses under the Hoover administration
Public works project during the Hoover administration which dammed the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona
WWI veterans who marched on Washington D.C. after Hoover vetoed paying them early
Winner of the 1932 Presidential election
#23's plan to solve the Great Depression
Nickname of the FDR's cabinet
First female cabinet member in US History
The 3 R's of the New Deal
New Deal program in the Southeast which created dams, provided electricity and modernized the region
British economists who proposed government spending on public works projects to solve the depression
#29's plan to stimulate the economy through public works which put the money in the hands of consumers
What was the effect on Federal spending and debt during the New Deal
When workers have the opportunity to negotiate their working conditions (hours, wages, holidays, etc.)
True/False: FDR tried to subtract Supreme Court justices
What problems did FDR have with the Supreme Court
News broadcast about an alien invasion which alarmed Americans nationwide
Americans went these in order to escape the misery of the depression
Example of an escapism film about a little dog, a tornado, ruby red slippers, yellow brick road and emerald city
Film writer, producer and director of many uplifting depression movies
American folk song legend, who wrote and performed 'This Land is Your Land,' 'Dust Bowl Blues'
American songwriter who wrote 'Brother Can You Spare a Dime?'
New Deal legislation that set min. wages and max. hours
New Deal legislation which setup unemployment insurance and retiree pensions
New Deal legislation which allowed workers to unionize and collectively bargain
New Deal program which greatly expanded the amount of electricity in rural America
New Deal program that provided public works jobs building roads, bridges, civil building, sidewalks, etc.
New Deal program which provided Federal loans to help home owners build or make repairs to their homes
New Deal program which provided Federal loans to help home owners pay their mortgages
New Deal program which provided jobs to young men to build trails, plant forests and dig drainage ditches
New Deal program which provided money to state unemployment agencies
New Deal program which regulated and monitored the stock market
New Deal program which provided subsidies to farmers and limited overproduction
Confidence in the banking system was increased with these two New Deal Programs

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