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Economic disaster that led to the rise of dictators in Europe during the 1930s
Another reasons for the rise of dictators in Europe was this treaty that ended WWI
The last reason for the rise of dictators in Europe during the 1930s was the failure of post-WWI ________ gov'ts
Who were the 2 fascist leaders of Europe (think Italy and Germany)
Who was the military dictator of Japan who took power in the 1930s?
Who was the communist dictator of the Soviet Union who took power in 1924?
Hitler and the Nazi's tries to overthrow the Weimar Republic
What happened to Hitlers and other Nazi officials as a result of #7
While in jail what book did Hitler write?
List a main point of #9
This countries civil war was the dress rehearsal for the upcoming WWII
Japan first invaded this area of China in 1931?
Japan left the League of Nations after it brutally sacked this city in E. China
Which country in Africa did Italy invade and conquer in 1935?
Hitler first defied the Treaty of Versailles when he remilitarized this border region between France and Germany
This country was annexed by Hitler under the policy of 'Anschluss'
Hitler was given this region of Czechoslovakia through appreasement by the West at the Munich Conference
Which 3 countries signed the Tripartite Pact and made up the Axis Powers?
Yes or No) The policy of appeasement was effective in containing Nazi aggression in Europe?
WWII officially began 9/1/1939 when Nazi Germany invaded this country?
Pact that called for Nazis and Soviets to not fight each other and split Poland?
Fast, organized battle tactic used by the Nazis, involved aerial bombing, quick striking tanks and infantry
Following Poland, the Nazis would conquer this country next in 1940?
Op. Sea Lion called for a Nazi invasion of this European country
The Battle of Britain was the first battle fought exclusively by this technology?
A reason the British won the Battle of Britain was the use of this new technology?
The Nazis experienced their first defeat at which battle?
57 night fire bombing of London by the Nazi Luftwaffe
American CBS News reporter who broadcast live from London during the fire bombing campaign
Neutrality Act policy that allowed the US to trade with warring nations if they paid carry and transported goods themselves
New policy that increased American trade with the Allies following the Battle of Britain
FDR's secret meeting with Winston Churchill in Nova Scotia where they discussed the plan for Europe following WWII?
The US antagonized Japan when they embargoed this natural resource;
Japan attempt to destroy US ability to make war in the Pacific when it attacked this naval base;
Who said, 'Dec. 7, 1941 a date that will live infamy...'
This Presidential Order established the military exclusion zones along the West Coast of the US
As a result of #38 this group of people was interned in camps located in the interior of the US
SCOTUS case which challenged #38's legality, SCOTUS ruled that it was legal
All Japanese - American Army combat team which would become the most decorated unit in US Army history

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