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Program which gave returning US veterans $$$ for college, unemployment insurance, and gov't backed loans
Time period from 1946-1964 marked by an extremely high birth rate
During the post war period American's migrated here
Who is home builder who helped to popularize #3?
What was the name of #4 first major development?
Which President was responsible for expanding the nations road system?
What was the name of the bill which expanded the road system?
Many Americans moved to this region of the United States during the post war period?
Give 1 cause why people moved to #8 during this time period
Which sector of the economy became the largest during the post war period?
McDonalds is an example of a (franchise business (multinational corp. (both
Google is an example of a (franchise business (multinational corp. (both
Type of business that distributes is goods or services through independently owned outlets
Companies that produces and sell their goods and/or services all over the world
Popular consumer items of the 1950s usually made whose life easier at home
Typical or ideal family of the post war period; father (worked), mother (stayed home), children
New popular media device; Leave It to Beaver
What type of music came out of the 'Nashville Sound'
Who was the most famous singer from the 'Memphis Sound?'
Which groups were left out of postwar prosperity
Book by J.D. Salinger which questioned adult conformity
Book by Jack Kerouac which became the classic beatnik novel
Book by Betty Friedan which questioned the roles of women and traditional housewife
Book by Michael Harrington which exposed the poverty in America during the postwar period
Term which describes the effect of suburban flight on the inner city
Government's response to #25
JFK's social program to fix inequality and poverty in the US
JFK program which sought to create equality between men and women in the workplace
City when JFK was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963?
Who assassinated JFK?
Government investigation which concluded #30 acted alone in the assassination of JFK
LBJ's plan to fix inequality and poverty in the United States
Action taken by LBJ to wipe out poverty in the US
Court case during the Warren Court years which established one man, one vote
Warren Court ruling where evidence obtained illegally could not be used in court
Warren Court cases which ruled accused have the right to an attorney
Warren Court case which created Miranda Rights
Warren Court cases dealing with the separation of church and state in schools

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