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Cash crops of the south?
Chief of the Sioux in the Dakotas
Chief of the Nez Pierce
Massacre of Native Americans in Colorado
Sioux Indians defeated US Army forces at the this battle
Little Bighorn is also remembered as this
Native Americans were ultimately forces to live on these...
Legislation that gave Native Americans land with the goal of assimilating them into American society
Name 1 of the 4 industries that pushed Americans into the west
First train line to connect the east and west coast. Two side met at Promontory Point, UT
Mining towns that sprang up over night
Mining towns that were abandoned almost over night
Free grazing cattle ranching used this in the west
This new invention closed the open range
Legislation that opened the American west to settlement. Provided 160 acres of land.
Material that western settlers homes were made out of on the Great Plains
Who were the freed slaves from the south who migrated to Kansas?
Who was #17 leader to the west
Industry that took advantage of farmers in the west
Organization of farmers in the Plains region that created laws to reign in the railroad
Federal Legislation that setup regulations for railroad commerce crossing state lines
Political party which was founded by farmers and laborers to work for the people
#22 pushed for reform in this sector
What was #22 answer to the question about money?
1896 Presidential candidate which represented the Populist cause
Famous speech given by #25 about the bimetalism
American desire to control the continent from coast to coast
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