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Old or New Immigrants: Came from southern and eastern Europe, uneducated, unskilled, settled in American cites
Old or New Immigrants: Came from western and northern Europe, educated, skilled, settled in rural areas
Push or Pull Factors: open land, jobs, religious and personal freedoms
Push or Pull Factors: famine, closed land, wars, religious persectution
Immigrants coming to the US traveled in this on steam ships
Immigrant point of entry on the east coast
Immigrant point of entry on the west coast
Which immigrant point of entry was an exclusion center
Which group of immigrants was excluded?
Who was the answer to #9 excluded?
What region of the US did most immigrants settle
What jobs did many immigrants do?
Americans who did not like immigrants?
Reasons why #13 did not like immigrants?
One room apartments that immigrants settled in
Muckraker who exposed life in #15?
#16 book
To become included into a society or culture
To process of learning American culture and society
Organized Hull House in Chicago to help immigrants assimilate into American society
Positives of living in cities
Negative of living in cities
Group of people discriminated using Jim Crow laws, voting laws
Jim Crow laws purpose
African American reformer to pushed for immediate rights and education
African American reformer to pushed for slow assimilation through work, 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps'
Woman who fought early for women's suffrage in New York
Fire in New York city where 127 young women and girls were killed
Jobs in government
Process of giving jobs in government to political supporters
Using political influence for personal gain
Overcharging for work and splitting the profits afterwards
Politics of the Gilded Age are described as_________
City boss of New York City
Muckraker who took down #34
How did #35 take down #34?
President who was in office during the Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier scandals?
Act of Congress which ended the spoils system
#38 required this in order to get a job in government
#39 replaced the spoils system with the __________ system
#38 was passed following this President's assassination
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