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The Cold War arms race dealt with the build up of these
Fill in the blank; The US economy favored _______ while the Soviet economy favored_______
Defense agreement between western democracies in Western Europe and North America
Defense agreement between the US and Southeast Asian countries
Defense agreement between communist E. European countries and the Soviet Union
#3-5 are example of what type of agreements
What did Winston Churchill say had split Europe into two regions - capitalist west and communist east
In JFK's Address at Rice Univ. where did he say the US Space Program would go?
What event launched the space race between the US and USSR?
President Truman's plan to aid any country against communism. Began with aid to Greece and Turkey
How did the US get supplies to West Berlin when Stalin closed down highways and railroads?
US plan to send $$$, supplies and food to Western European countries to fight against communist spread
Policy created by George F. Kennan - keep communism contained inside its current borders
Policy enacted by Eisenhower, bringing US and USSR to the edge of war to avoid war
Nuclear deterrent, promised the destruction of US and USSR if one side launched nuclear weapons (MAD)
JFK's Cold War policy, to build conventional and nuclear forces
Communist leader of China
Fear of Communism spreading in the United States
What did HUAC stand for?
HUAC hearing where Hollywood actors and writers were questioned about communist ties
Senator from Wisconsin who questioned members of the government of being communists
Action taken by employers against those who they thought were communists
Slogan developed by the Civil Defense Organization to keep Americans safe at home(Burt the Turtle)
Where did many Americans prepare to hideout during a nuclear attack
What did Eisenhower warn against in his farewell address
The Korean War started when N. Korean troops invaded south past this line
Turning point battle in Korean war where MacArthur landed troops behind enemy lines
Which country came to the aid of N. Korea
What happened to MacArthur after he pursued N. Korea to the Yalu River and got China involved
Armistice line in Korea Peninsula which still separates North and South Korea
Who became the communist leader of Cuba?
Failed invasion attempt by Cuban refugees and CIA
13 days of crisis between US and Soviet Union over missiles in Cuba?
JFK's reaction to #33
In order to removed Soviet missiles from Cuba the US secretly removed missiles from ___________
Agreement which split Vietnam into N. Vietnam and S. Vietnam following France giving up control
Leader of communist N. Vietnam
Incident off the coast of N. Vietnam where the USS Maddox was 'attacked' by N. Vietnam
LBJ's reaction to #38 which allowed him to increase American involvement in Vietnam
What did LBJ's Operation Rolling Thunder include
Surprise offensive launched by Viet Cong
Major protest during the 1968 presidential campaign
Fire bombs dropped on N. Vietnam to clear jungles
Herbicide used by US to clear jungles of Vietnam
Nixon's plan to pull America out of Vietnam and turn the fighting over to S. Vietnam
Protest at American University in OH were students were killed by National Guard protesting invasion of Cambodia
Peace Plan which allowed the US to leave Vietnam in 1973
Country which was opened to the US through ping pong diplomacy
Following Nixon's trip to #48 he then visited this country using the policy of detente
Nuclear Arms treaty signed by USSR and USA under detente
Legislation passed by Congress to limit the war making powers of the President
The documents were leaked by Daniel Ellsberg which showed the plan escalation of the Vietnam War by US Military
Book written by Tim O'Brien which showed the humanity of Vietnam War veterans
Wall created in Washington DC in 1984 to ease tensions from the Vietnam War Era
This country claimed victory in Vietnam when it captured Saigon in 1975

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