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What year was Not Going Out aired on BBC1?
Who was the leading lady in the non-aired pilot?
What is the main character's name?
Who played Kate in series 1?
Who played Tim from series 1-5?
What if Tim's full name?
What was the name of the girl with who he had the affair with?
How old was the girl?
In the episode Aussie,what was the name of Kate's friend?
In the episode Kid what breed of dog was used?
What was the name of the last episode of series 1?
Who replaced Megan Dodds in series 2?
In what relation in Lucy to Tim?
What was the name of Lucy's older boyfriend?
How many years was there between them?
Where does Guy go on his holiday?
In order to try and make Lucy jealous in series 2 where did Lee go to get a girlfriend?
What was the name of the girl he met?
Who does Daisy end up falling for?
Why do Lucy and Guy break up?
In the Christmas episode what does Lee dress up as?
In order to get Lee back what does Lucy pretend to be in the first episode of series 3?
What was the name of the lesbian Lucy 'experiments' with?
What's the name of the second episode of series 3?
In the episode speech who's jokes ended up being the funniest?
What music was the noisy neighbour listening to?
What was the name of the mechanic that Lucy was going to marry for him to get a green card?
Where does Daisy think Santa live?
What did Lee do wrong on Christmas day?
How does he make it up to Lucy?
Who interrupts them?
What is he wearing?
How much money in the end did Lee give him (pounds)?
How much did he tell Lucy that he gave his dad (pounds)?
What did lucy give him as a result?
What did Tim find in the coat that he had accidently picked up?
What was the name of the butcher
What does Daisy shoot them with?
What was the name of the actual father of Debbie?
In one of the episodes what word is constantly used as innuendo?
Who wants to go 'dancing'?
What does the old woman use to beat Lee up with?
Why did the firework not work?
What was the name of the last episode of series 4?
With who does Lee dream about having the perfect life with?
Why was Lee in a coma?
Who's the first person he speaks to when he wakes up?
Where do they arrange to go on a date?
How many children do they have in the dream?
What was the name of the lead guitarist in the episode band?
What disney character did Lee mention in the espisode band?
Who was the bas player at the end of the episode?
Why did Lee's dad turn up and pretended to be injures?
Which woods did they visit in camping?
What masks were the people wearing?
Who ended up bringing a phone?
Why were the people wearing masks?
What was the name of the woman that Lee thought was a massager?
How did Lee injure his leg?
Who catches Lee and Tim in the bed with Claudia?
What was the name of the fith episode of series 5?
Who does Lee consult in in this episode?
Why does Lucy think Llee had been acting strangley in this episode?
How many men did Lee and Tim check out in the sauna?
What did Lee and Lucy drink to getdrunk in the episode drunk?
What did they think they accidently made?
Where does the tape end up?
What animal did Lucy run over with her car?
What did Lee,Lucy and Daisy get stuck in when they went skiing?
How many chldren had the pregnant woman already got?
How many more was she having?
Who delivered the first baby?
What did Lucy study in night school?
What did Lee's dad tell him to be?
Who did Lee have to pretend to be in the episode conference?
What was the name of the girlfriend Lee had?
Who was Mc Hammer?
What was the theme of Daisy's hen party?
What does Rachel threaten Lucy and Lee with?
What was the name of Lucy's first boyfriend?
What was the name of the play?
Who ended up playing Mr Faversham?
Who did Lucy end up kissing?
How many endings was there to this episode?
What film at the end was Lee describing?
Why was Lee and Lucy having to stage a birthday party for Nancy?
What relation does she have with Lucy?
What pop group did Nancy want to go and see?
What CD did she burn?
Who bought a boat?
What is Lucy scared of?
Who ended up sharing a bed?
Why did Frank sink the boat?
What set the boat on fire?
Who owned the cosy cottage?
Why were they all scared?
What was the name of Franks ex girlfriend?
What did she own?
What was the name of Lee's old friend?
Who did Lucy go to to say she was scared?
Who walked in when they were both frightened in bed?
What did Lee want for christmas?
What did Lucy want for Christmas?
Who cooked Christmas dinner?
Who was descriebed as unwanted baggage?
What chair was the ghost of the boy sitting in?
What musical instrument does the boy play?
Who first thought it was Ghost?
What was the little girls name?
Who was the one sat on the toiler playing the penny whistle?
When did Lee and Frank last visit the house?
What did Daisy buy Lucy that Lucy gave to Molly?

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