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Can you name the Correct usage of there, their and they're?

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____ were ten dogs sitting on the corner.
Jim and Tom left _____ wallets at home.
_____ going to the mall to buy new dresses.
The old men lost _____ hair.
When Gustav and Jose arrive, _____ going to throw a party.
We stole _____ candy.
They lost _____ minds in the silence.
No one was _____.
_____ nowhere to be found!
_____ haven't been many tourists lately.
Not many people have spent the night _____.
_____ not going to be happy about this.
_____ lack of faith disturbed me.
They lost _____ souls down in New Orleans.
When we get _____, buy me a Coke.
That's why _____ not responsible!
I don't know how to get _____.
_____ isn't much left here for me now.
What's over _____?
_____ going home.

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