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Can you name the Major events of immigration in the 1920s??

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Immigration QuestionsImmigration Answers
Name one political party that was feared as radicals and threats to American society?
Agency created in 1906 to keep statistical records of immigrants entering the U.S
Suspension of Chinese Immigration 1882
Which war resulted in 73% of the immigrants to enter the U.S from Southeastern Europe
Which act limited the annual number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 3% of the number of persons from that country living in the United States?
Which act further reduced this percentage of immigrants to 2%?
What court case accused two Italian immigrants of robbing a factory with no evidence?
of the number of persons from that country living in the United States
What was the last immigration law passed in the 1920s?
What era in American History caused people to emigrate from the U.S rather than immigrate to the U.S?

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