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Can you name the modern countries by examples of their conflict with the U.S.?

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Forced Order
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Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs
Operation Joint Endeavour
Arms Race, Polar Bear Expedition
American Revolution, War of 1812
Tet Offensive, Battle of Saigon
Quasi War
Operation Urgent Fury
U.S.S. Maine explosion, Battle of Manila Bay
Fall of Baghdad, Gulf War
Iwo Jima, Battle of Coral Sea
Operations Odyssey Dawn, El Dorado Canyon
Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Inchon
Operation Limpieza (Cleanup)
Kandahar, The Fall of Kabul
1979 Hostage Crisis, Operation Praying Mantis
Operation Just Cause, Watermelon War
Battle of Manilla, Battle of Bud Bagsak
Operation Hotfoot
Battle of the Bulge, D-Day
Masaya, Coyotepe Hill
Operation Restore Hope, Battle of Mogadishu
Battle of Goliad, The Alamo
Battle of the Oakwoods, Battle of Quebec
Operation Uphold Democracy

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