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ARock-cut temples site
BCat goddess
CLast Egyptian pharaoh and Marc Antony lover
DStep pyramid at Saqqara
EDecay prevention, often with spice and oils
FBlue hippo material, also used in ceramics
GGreat pyramid site
HFirst female pharaoh; often depicted as a man
IStep pyramid architect
JAnubis head animal
KLife force spirit
LQueen temple site; Thebes, previously
MGoddess; wife of Amen
NTraditional Egyptian enemy; faction situated to the South
OEgyptian pillar in D.C. and London, e.g.
PPlant used to make paper
QMineral used in cups and religious artifacts, e.g.
RDesert beyond Nile Delta, Black Land and the River Valley
SEgyptian season of summer and harvest
TScribe of the gods
URoyal cobra symbol, and of Pharaoh's authority
VChief adviser to pharaoh
WHorus' eye symbolizing the god Re
XNile Delta city
YPowerful courtier; spouse of Thuya
ZFortress of ____ umm el-Rakham; founded by Ramesses II

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