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How often do the numbers need to be entered in the hatch?
What is Charlies's brothers name?
What is Ben Linus' dads name?
How many days have taken place at the end of season one?
On Charlies arm there are lyrics from the Beatles song 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. What do the Lyrics read?
When Ben Linus gets caught and imprisoned in the hatch what does he say his name is?
What game does Locke teach Walt how to play?
Who kills Ethan?
What amount of money was the reward for Kate's arrest?
How old did Sawyer say he was when his parents died?
Which darma station is not located on the island?
Who kills Jacob?
Who helps ben ecsapce from the hatch?
When the Oceanic Six were trying to get back to the island they took a flight that was headed where?
What Dharma Station did Ben and Locke go to in the finale of season four?
Which Dharma station is located under water?
Who burned Michaels raft?
What is Eko's brothers name?
Who resided in the hatch before Desmond?
What bible verse did Eko recite while watching his brothers body burn in the plane?
Which character mysteriously seems to never age?
Who is Mile's father?
What item does Locke give Richard Alpert in 1954?
Whose body is revealed to be in the box at the end of season five?
Who are Ethan's parents?
Which Dharma Station is designed for zoological research?
What does charlie write on his hand just before his death to warm Desmond?
What drug was charlie addicted to?
What does Clare tell Charlie her favorite food is?
Who killed Locke's dad?

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