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A space, usually enclosed, in the forward fuselage of an airplane containing the flying controls, instrument panel, and seats for the pilot and copilot or flight crew
A movable, usually hinged airfoil set in the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, designed to increase lift or drag by changing the camber of the wing or used to slow an aircraft dur
An instrument or device that measures the air speed of an aircraft through an air mass, but not its ground speed.
The aerodynamic resisting force exerted on an aircraft in its line of flight opposite in direction to its motion.
A service operated by the appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic.
A four-digit number dialed into his transponder by a pilot to identify his aircraft to air traffic controllers
A twisting, gyroscopic force acting in opposition to an axis of rotation, such as with a turning propeller
A ground-based navigation aid transmitting very high-frequency navigation signals 360 degrees in azimuth, on radials oriented from magnetic north
Landing practice in which an aircraft does not make a full stop after a landing, but proceeds immediately to another take-off.
The control wheel of an aircraft, akin to a automobile steering wheel.
The driving force of a propeller in the line of its shaft or the forward force produced in reaction to the gases expelled rearward from a jet or rocket engine
An enclosed structure for housing aircraft.
An aircraft having a jet engine in which the energy of the jet operates a turbine that drives the propeller.
The total weight of an aircraft when fully loaded, including fuel, cargo, and passengers
A wingless aircraft acquiring its lift from revolving blades driven by an engine about a near-vertical axis
A number representing the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding air or medium in which it is moving.
The path of aircraft traffic around an airfield, at an established height and direction
A bituminous material used in paving and the airport suface paved with this substance, often the runway
The force exerted on the top of a moving airfoil as a low-pressure area [vacuum] that causes a wingform to rise.
When an aircraft exceeds its critical angle of attack

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