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Can you name the characters of the game Red Dead Redemption?

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Daughter of a rancher in Hennigan's Stead
Son of the main protagonist
Colonel for the Mexican Army
Federal Agent in Blackwater
A drunk you meet in Armadillo
Captain of Mexican Army; Homosexual
Traveling salesman of an elixir
The government's Native American informant
Marshal of Armadillo
Anthropologist from Yale University
Owner of the general store in Armadillo
German poker player in Chuparosa
Famous gunslinger of the Old West
Creator of a glider that crashes
Your former gang's leader
Stranger trying to find California
The unseen, but heard of, governor of West Elizabeth
Leader of the Mexican Revolution
Grave digger looking for treasure
Wife of the main protagonist
Your dog at Beecher's Hope
The owner of the ranch in Hennigan's Stead
Your former gang member residing in Ft. Mercer
Government Agent; Desk clerk
A man trying to find Aztec gold
'Flowers for a Lady' man with 'lively' wife
An aspiring film maker
Revolutionary woman; 'Wife' of Reyes
Grave digger who betrayed his partner
Musician from Armadillo who was to be married 17 years ago
A gang led by twin brothers
Elderly alcoholic of Beecher's Hope
'I Know You'
Irish's friend with a stuttering problem
Bill Williamson's right hand man
Horse who has a human lover
A naive journalist from the East Coast; Often hogtied
Your former gang member from Mexico
Blackwater resident who got his children's nanny pregnant
Captain of Mexican Army; Heterosexual
The watchdog of MacFarlane's ranch
A gang with top hats and matching scarves
YOU; The main protagonist
Chinese immigrant who was an indentured servant
The unseen tyrannical President of Mexico
Pregnant nanny who gets kicked out of her house with no money
The man you fight at Ridgewood Farm
Mexican woman who is abused and later murdered by a man
An actor working for D.S. MacKenna
'The Prohibitionist'

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