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HintAnswerExtra Facts
The origonal team consisted of Gibbs, Tony, and who?Killed by Ari in Season 2
The first Director wasHe left for Homeland Security
Ari wasHe was killed by Ziva in Gibbs' basement to save Gibbs' life
The first woman director of NCISShe was murdered at the end of Season 5
Origonaly a Mossad Liason OfficerOfficially a Special Agent in Season 9 episode 1
Has a younger sister named SarahHe and Abby once dated
Gibbs' Rule #12Thanks to this, we still have no Tiva
Gibbs' old boss, who still calls him ProbieMurdered by Lt. Jonas Cobb at the end of Season 8
The funny guy of the team, a movie buffThough not dating Ziva, he seems to get jealous of all her boyfriends
Gibbs' FBI friendHe married Gibbs' second wife
HintAnswerExtra Facts
Gibbs' first wife and daughterThe were killed by drug dealer Pedro Hernandez while Gibbs was an active Marine
His nickname is DuckyThe resident Medical Examiner for Team Gibbs
Joins in Season 2 as Ducky's assistantGets married at the end of Season 9
Director of MossadHe is also Ziva's father, though they do not have a good relationship
Forensic AnalystShe dresses as a goth and has lots of tatoos
Rule #6 This rule isn't as strictly enforced as it once was
What does NCIS stand for?The show was originaly known as Navy NCIS
Jenny has an obsession over this arms dealerThis obsession ultimately leads to The Frog's death
La Grenouille's daughterTony goes undercover as her boyfriend and falls in love
Name of the episode where Tony and Ziva go undercoverTiva is born from this episode, though as of Season 9 they still aren't dating

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