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Can you name the 13 Celestial Brush God zodiac animals of Clover Studio's Ōkami?

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Name (Talisman)Type of AnimalBrush Technique(s)
Amaterasu 天照 (mirror)Sunrise
Yomigami 蘇神 (scroll)Rejuvination
Tachigami 断神 (blade)Power Slash
Hanagami 花神 (mask, flute, cymbals)Bloom, Water Lily, Vine
Bakugami 爆神 (cherry bomb)Cherry Bomb
Nuregami 濡神 (glass vessel)Waterspout, Deluge, Fountain
Yumigami 弓神 (mochi mallet)Crescent
Kazekami 風神 (saddle & banner)Galestorm, Whirlwind
Moegami 燃神 (smoking pipe)Inferno, Fireburst
Kasugami 幽神 (bottle gourd)Veil of Mist, Mist Warp
Kabegami 壁神 (decorative screen)Catwalk
Gekigami 撃神 (bow & quiver)Thunderstorm, Thunderbolt
Itegami 凍神 (conch horn)Blizzard, Icestorm

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