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Can you name the Shinto divinities, objects, or demons that appear in Clover Studio's Ōkami?

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DescriptionDivinity, Object, or Demon
Goddess of the sun and 'mother to us all'
Reflective object that lured the sun goddess out from her subterranean retreat
Mythical trio formed by sword, prayer beads, and the previous object
Fearsome eight-headed dragon; Japanese counterpart to the Greek Hydra
God of storms and slayer of the 8-headed dragon
Princess sacrificed to the 8-headed dragon; rescued by and later wed to the storm god
Son of the storm god and his rescued wife (appears in PS2 credits & Okamiden)
Father of the sun, moon, and storm dieties; his wife gave birth to the islands of Japan
She gave birth to the islands of Japan before being lost to the underworld (like Euridice)
God of the moon who blesses the sword of the storm god
Divine princess, protector of blossom, & guardian of Mt. Fuji; wife of the sword's inheritor
These avian fiends are known as 'heavenly dogs'
These horned ogres often carry clubs
Sea god known as the 'water dragon'

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